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We’ve been in this business for over 30 years helping people like you with projects involving property and property care.  We do landscaping, lawns, gardens, driveways, excavation, ditches, drainage, culverts, septic systems, patios, retaining walls, hauling of material such as mulch, topsoil, sand, gravel and stone.

We provide specialized services to include rotor-tilling, brush-hogging, power sweeping of parking lots and pavement  and complete winter snow services.

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Vermont winters are cold and most often very snowy.  Snow and ice are inevitable.  Roads, driveways,  parking lots, walkways,  steps and even roofs must be cleared off, plowed and shoveled to remove the snow for access, safety and mobility.  Very often the surfaces must be sanded and/or salted to prevent and avoid slipping, sliding, injury, accidents and damages caused by dangerous icy surfaces.  Snow removal is way of life in Vermont and winter is our longest season.

C&C Services has been providing winter snow services for over 30 years.  We have the experience, knowledge, skills and equipment to do this work, to do it right and do it safely.  It’s hard and dangerous work requiring skill, focus, sound judgement and well maintained equipment.  In a big storm this work is grueling, the hours are long and sometimes endless.

C&C Services is proud of its trucks and snow equipment.  We spend a lot of time and resources servicing and making sure our equipment is in good shape, well maintained and working properly.  Our shop is stocked with supplies, parts and the tools to do this work should something break or need repair any time day or night.  We stock pile our own sand and salt so we can do our job and get what we need without interruption or having to wait for the suppliers to open.  We invest in the essential operational necessities to run our company so we can do our job and provide the services that our customers expect and depend upon.

Most of our snow plow customers have been with us for many years.  They tell us they never worry when winter comes because they know we will be there to do what we need to do.  Some of our newer customers have said “We’ve never had a plow guy who was so dependable, reliable and good.  We never have to call you guys.  You just show up and that’s that!”

And often when there is a big snow event or over the course of the winter when the snow piles up and can no longer be pushed back with a plow truck it must be moved or removed with a big loader…we do that too!

This is what we do!Loader work 1



One thought on “Landscape Contracting

  1. Maureen McAllister

    Great site. I wish C&C were closer to us in Boxford! I know the almanac is predicting a harsh winter, and from the looks of the squirrels, they are preparing early. Hope everyone is getting ready to hunker down.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both!
    Maureen McAllister


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