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We’ve been in this business for over 30 years helping people like you with projects involving property and property care.  We do landscaping, lawns, gardens, driveways, excavation, ditches, drainage, culverts, septic systems, patios, retaining walls, hauling of material such as mulch, topsoil, sand, gravel and stone.

We provide specialized services to include rotor-tilling, brush-hogging, power sweeping of parking lots and pavement  and complete winter snow services.

This is what we do!

Our Trucks & Equipment

MACK Tandem Truck

Ron with a smile in the truck


Our Mack Tandem can deliver big loads. Up to 14 cubic yards of material depending on its weight.

Equipment and grounds





Our One-Ton Dump is perfect for smaller loads and accessing tighter spaces. Our trucks give us the ability to accommodate almost any size need for mulch, topsoil, staymat, stone, sand and gravel.



Our skid steer and mini-excavator are ideal for moving material, shaping the land and digging the ground for foundations, septic systems, under-drainage, water & sewer lines and most any project. Their compact size is invaluable. They fit in places where the big stuff can’t go.




Our backhoe/loader is ready for the big jobs. It does the heavy lifting with ease.





Over the years we have acquired an array of equipment, attachments, mowers, tractors, small hand tools and the like for almost any job. We have studied our craft.  We have worked hard to build our business.

Every job, every customer is important no matter how big or small.  We treat each customer with the respect they deserve.  We listen and work with each and every customer to achieve the desired result.  We are grateful for their business and their loyalty.  Without our customers there is no business.  This is who we are and this is what we do.







5 thoughts on “Landscape Contracting

  1. Maureen McAllister

    Great site. I wish C&C were closer to us in Boxford! I know the almanac is predicting a harsh winter, and from the looks of the squirrels, they are preparing early. Hope everyone is getting ready to hunker down.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both!
    Maureen McAllister

  2. Brian

    Was looking for a solution to a drainage problem with our private road. Has 5 houses and no drainage for snow melt or water runoff to go possible need culvert insrall or drainage. Thanks for tbe time Brian

    1. Janet Doyle Post author

      Hi Brian: Sorry for the delay in responding. Just got back from a long trip and saw your note. I’d like to come and see the site. Please give me a call at 802-244-7402 so we can set up a time to meet and take a look at the property. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Ron Corliss
      C&C Services

  3. Tom Lee

    I’m looking for a quote to pave a 25 x 40 foot = 1,000 sf flat area for a basketball hoop. The current area is roughly broken asphalt. Please let me know what an estimate would be. The location of the job is at 10 Stevensville Road, Underhill Town Pond.

    1. Janet Doyle Post author

      Hi Tom: Your location is really out of my area for a small project. I suggest you try some local landscapers. The travel time for me would make the prices higher than it would be for a local guy. Good luck,
      Ron Corliss
      C&C Services


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